Caragor Pretty Kitty Party Parade

Shadow of Mordor is a fantastic game and you should play it. Though I’ve just completed the main questline, I still find myself heading back into the game, getting up to no good. My current favorite activity is riding around freeing all the caragors I can find, leading them on an orc-slaying rampage. I call it “Caragor Pretty Kitty Party Parade.”


Oh, you know, just clearing out a stronghold in Udun…

I even have a little song I sing as we go…

Seriously, though, it’s a wonderful game. It’s like an Assassin’s Creed game, back when they were still fun. PLAY!

Elegy for a Dead World

So excited for this game. Exploring new worlds? English Romantic poets? People telling stories?! Backed, backed and backed!

Throwback Thursday: TRON


I am old enough to remember this game. Damn.

Danny Kaye: Not Just the Singer of That Racist Bongo Song from Fallout 3

Just a little post for fans of the music of Fallout 3…

Though he was really more of a movie star and his music was recorded long before I was born, Danny Kaye’s singing is a sound that takes me straight back to middle school, when I used to stay up all night watching AMC (back when it was American Movie Classics and played American movie classics) for the Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire and Danny Kaye marathons.

Gamer and superfan of Fallout 3 that I am, it pains me that most of my contemporaries will know Danny Kaye, if they know him at all, as the guy who sang that super racist bongo song on Galaxy News Radio.

Two more songs behind the cut. 

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Hypercombofinish Episode #7


Episode #7 is now up on Hypercombofinish! This time around, Chris and I discuss the new Super Smash Bros. game and fighting games in general. Spoiler Alert: I’ve never really been that into them, except for this one game I mistakenly thought was on Sega Saturn, but was, in fact on Sega Genesis… Eternal Champions!


Meh or Yeah! – Blue Estate

Last weekend I downloaded Blue Estate, the PS4 rail shooter based on the eponymous comic by Viktor Kalvachev. Having never read the comics, all I knew about the game was gleaned from this image…


A golden gun? A panther? A hot chick with FRIED CHICKEN? What could possibly go wrong!? 

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Where’d the other stuff go?

Marie the Bee is now 100% video games! In the interest of tidiness and my personal sanity, I’ve now moved all that non-games stuff to a personal blog.

Wanna stay up to date on the latest pics of my dog, my wanderings around San Francisco, all the stuff I like to buy, and my various and sundry non-games ravings? Please visit A Bee’s Life.

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