“My mom was in the zone…”

What’s your earliest memory of a video game? Where were you? Who were you with? Reader Dan Skelton shares a pretty remarkable story of his earliest memory of games. His came with a really convenient (well, not exactly “convenient”) annual reminder. –Marie


I remember sitting next to my mother on our typical 80s living room floor (more shades of brown and orange than should be legal in the color wheel), watching her play a perfect game of Pac-Man. Literally, a perfect game. My mom was in the zone and had everything maxed out – maxed score, screen full of fruit, and ghosts on hyperdrive. In the midst of this perfect game she starts to have strange sharp pains in her back. Nobody in the room would take over her game, so she had to abandon it because she realized the back pain were odd contractions. That’s when she went into labor with my younger brother. I was 4.

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