Nearly 40 Years Old and Not a Day Past 12


Whenever Ben and I get to name a religion in Civilization 5 (we play together on the TV via Steam Big Picture – LIFE CHANGER), we always name it “Penelope’s Butt.”

And every time we get a message that says something like “Geneva wants Penelope’s Butt,” we laugh out loud.

We are grown-ups.

The Hypercombofinish Podcast!


hcf_podcast003My friend and fellow avid gamer, Chris Maguire, and I have been doing our darndest to create a totally kick-ass video games podcast! Over the last month, we’ve been experimenting with formats and recording techniques (he’s in Philadelphia and I’m in San Francisco) and our latest attempt is hands down our best episode yet! Please head on over to Hypercombofinish and download HCF Podcast: Episode #3!

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