Say what you will about r/Outside, but…

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Knees are wearing down, tho. 😦

National Sewing Machine Day – June 06, 2017

Damn, FMTCD. Back at it again with those National Days posts…

Follow Me To Certain Doom

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I have a new personal project. It’s been a rough sort of year so far, and I’m looking for ways to make my daily life more fun, more interesting, more ridiculous.

So, I started a new blog/game called Follow Me To Certain Doom – workplace challenges to make your day more interesting.

Each week, I’ll post a new challenge for you to undertake at work. I’ll provide rules and scoring criteria. I’ll even provide a spreadsheet you can use to calculate your scores.

I just posted the second challenge last night and, so far, the response has been awesome. Complete strangers have been sending me images of their challenge results for me to post to the FMTCD Instagram. EXCITEMENT!

Please check it out. If you like it, join the FMTCD Challenge Alert mailing list.

The Far Side


When I was a kid, the idea of playing video games for a living was a cartoon punchline.

Long Time, No Me


It’s been a while. I’m sorry.

I started a new job at Twitch and have been very pre-occupied.

Hopefully, I’ll find a way to make and do more things.

In the meantime, I occasionally post games-related stuff to the Mariethebee FB page. Follow me there?

HCF Podcast #12: Nintendo on Mobile, Touchscreens Are Gross, Mac vs. PC


In this episode, Chris, the Nintendo fanboy, talks about his total lack of excitement for Nintendo IPs on mobile. Guess what? He hates smartphones and particularly touch interfaces. I try to figure out how nature could have gone so terribly wrong with the man’s brain before we completely devolve into arguing about PCs vs. Macs. Essentially: We are cranky old people who are having a hard time watching the world change around us.


The Coolest Business Cards of GDC (or Any Event Ever)

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting Simon Flesser and Magnus “Gordon” Gardebäck of Simogo, the team behind Sailor’s Dream – “a peaceful narrative experience, in which the only objective is to satisfy your curiosity.” Who would have guessed that their business cards would be little interactive puzzles requiring no small degree of curiosity and thoughtfulness on the part of the viewer? Oh, probably everybody. But, I was still surprised and delighted.

I received two small envelopes, each containing two standard-sized business cards. Here are the first sides of each…


And now the opposite sides…


Admittedly, my first thought upon opening the cards was “shenanigans!” Where was all the usual contact info I’d expected? Had I been duped? On closer inspection and with a little reflection on who these fellows were, I began to piece it together.

Each pair of cards provided all the info I needed. For instance, a URL:


And, an email address:


I won’t spoil the rest.

Completely fucking delightful. These cards lead me to believe the men of Simogo live in a magical world where every object holds a secret meaning. I want to go to there.

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